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Poker and cigars go together like baseball and Crackerjack. Thinking about poker conjures up images in men in the old West, hanging out a table with cards at hand and a big cigar planted between their lips.
In more today's world, that image is different to women and men sitting in front of your personal computer screen, some still puffing away on cigars. The whole world of online poker shot to popularity in an instant, allowing players of most levels the ability to play against people all over the world, on several poker sites. Sitting from the basement, garage, or perhaps outside about the deck when weather permitted, would be a perfect possibility to enjoy a cigar while playing in tournaments without notice of day.
On April 15th, the U.S. Justice Department de-activate the three major poker rooms, Poker Stars, Full Tilt Poker and Absolute Poker. The founders of such sites were arrested for bank fraud, money laundering and illegal gambling offenses. With web sites down from the U.S., a lot of poker players stay without their online fix.
Players who find the itch can look to a casino and play tournaments or cash games. Unfortunately for many people cigar connoisseurs, most casinos don't let smoking inside their poker rooms. Not to fear, we all do have another choice.
A long time ago, before internet poker, people played in home games. Okay, maybe not that sometime ago. Home games are exciting and when joined with cigars, might make for a very memorable evening.
I enlisted the assistance of local poker player, Pete Mellerski, to express some ideas on hosting a great poker game. In order to host a cigar poker game, you might need a few things like cards, table, beverage associated with preference, cigars and friends who enjoy smoking cigars. 'The critical for hosting virtually any card game is structure' Pete says. 'Whether you've got a high stakes tournament or perhaps a friendly cash game, you will need structure.'
Make sure you start time. If someone is late, they could join in zelda poker cards after they arrive. Before you set about the game, clearly post chip values, so everyone knows what each colored chip equals.
Lastly, have a good time. 'The star on the show is wonderful cigars' Pete adds. 'The poker could there be to give you something to complete while enjoying your smoke.'
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